Dentist Chair

Today was a test of my endurance.  I sat in the dentist chair today for four hours.  The best way to get through it all is to tell yourself that it had to be done and the work did help.  I am just glad its over.  My old dentist retired, he did good work when I was a kid.  I choose this dentist because it is a good environment.  It is on the street I grew up on and at the end of the paper route I had back in school.  I enjoyed telling them tidbits that I know about the neighborhood, like there is an Olympic Gold Medalist about four or five houses away from there.  My mother lives on that street and she has lived there since I was two.  Across the street from there is a cattle field in the city limits, that was a great way to finish my paper route and a great way to start the day.  I did deliver papers in the coldest Montana weather I have ever seen.  Wind Chill Factor was negative fourty.  If you would exhale and walk into your breath, you would freeze your eyelids shut.