Dennis went back to work this week , Grateful

Morning all ,
I just want you to know I have been getting to know some of you on this site since the DX Sept. 2 . I have come to learn many things in our lives are a journey best navigated with others and a spiritial compass . At 53 I have had a few of my own bumps as I am a recovered alcoholic 12 years  and a worker bee with 32 years at my company with a most of the in managment. I call Managment jack of all trades master of none ( ha ) .
Dennis went back to work this last wednesday. He has had a few more things considered co-morbidities since we have been together . Dennis and his brother were unlucky in their youth to dabble in drugs and both share a badge for Hep-C . My husband had a gastric bypass in 2005 along with plastic surgery followed by a year of interferon ( just for fun ) to try and rid himself of Hep-C. Stupid Hep-C was gone for 6 months and then detected . Dennis has lost 125 lbs ,hikes , is a manufacturing manager for a printing company with a postive outlook . Ok , fast forward to now back to work , the grind and a much more normal life ( ahhhhhhh)
More test for Dennis - He is now scheduled for an obdominal scan , his colonoscopy and a liver viral load ( its been three years ) . Check this out , his insurance covers 100% other than a measly co-pay . Doc said the obdominal scan is to ensure everthing looks good since his dx for the kidney tumor was found when he was hospitalized for colitis and then said " looky here , we found ourselves a tumor !"
Its hard he is tired , he gets off work , takes a nap and is usally cheerful when I get home. Shit , I am tired just working lol .
Its the new normal , I am good with that .....
So today is tired , grateful with a dash of humor as I plan to be silly today just because.
Love you all , Gail
I noticed I am different with people at work , I really listen when some one say's some one is ill , sick or has cancer . I look intently and listen more carefully. The experience has made me better with others. At least for now , lol



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life gets more interesting when we get to appreciate the simple act of being able to get off the bed in the morning and start the day. you tend to laugh more and develop the ability to tell the difference between something to just pass off and others that really need our attention. I am not religious but I know that life is a gift and I cherish that... Rich p.s. sorry about the blank post, fifty years of typing and I still can not control my fat fingers

Hi Sweetie,

It sounds like your husband has really been through a great deal. I pray that the Hep C is under control now.

Yep! Humor gets us through alot of difficult times. I love your outlook!

Living from scan to scan is stressful, but part of living with cancer. I will be praying that all is good.

Take care and thanks for taking the time to journal.

Love & Prayers,