I welcome you to this place you have chosen as your standing ground for this generation. You have labeled your path before you, and you collect your labels upon your breast like so many medals awarded. To this place that we have all created, in our selfish attempts to find singular salvation at the cost of all things.
I welcome you to this land of barren death, which has been labeled Paradise. To the dry cracked earth, that has been refused water for it is labeled incorrectly, and to the biting wind that has been labeled a traitor. To the burning rays of sun as hostile and the wasteland we have labeled upon, Great Wealth.
I welcome you all to this place of nothingness, and to a generation of labels, because there is nothing else to welcome you to. Long past are the ideas to heal the world, the hopes of the future, for they have been labeled and filed and lost. When you list yourself, you list labels that you carry, but you do not think of their meaning.
You give the list of reasons and labeled excuses, as your person. Your labels as your character and your labels as your essential self. When you are asked about yourself, you give labels, and those labels tell others what to think, how to act and everything they need to know about you. Or do they?
I welcome you here to this place, to this generation. I will ask you only once, and once I will listen to your answer. For your answer is not for me to know, it is for you to understand. Your answer is everything you need to know about yourself. So it is your choice to be labeled and it is your choice to throw those labels away and to be human.
Every label is a link to something, and it is your choice, if you so chose to make it, to remove the labels or to live by them. Not every label is a curse upon you, but the labels you have chosen as the excuse rather than the reason, are what shall lock you to this generational waste land of nothingness and void of humanity.
What defines you?