Decisions Decisions

Why can't life be simple ??? OK - iI'll cut a long story short - the guy my wife left me for in April has turned out not the Prince Charming she first thought - in fact he's turned out to be someone who's very insecure, he's trying to keep my wife on a leash and making her life miserable ! My wife stopped communicating with me 2 days ago - now after our split we agreed to stay friends and keep communicating for the sakes of our kids, my wife confessed to me yesterday that her new guy is not happy for us to be friends. She has told him that she wants to stay friends with me for the sake of the children - to which he told her that she's selfish and has no respect for anyone but herself. Now my wife is texting me for advice - which I am giving her - as she feels I'm the only one she can really trust.  OK so part of me should be happy that her new relationship is falling apart after just 2 months but - even after what she has done to me, I can't help but feel sorry for her - her texts to me today are basically saying that she regrets what shes done and wishes she could turn the clock back. So I think I know whats coming - that text that asks me to take her back. Now, again, part of me wants to jump at that for the kids and the companionship, we did have some great times even up to our split, but there's part of me that wants to say no - I desrve better ! I think I'll throw my phone in the bin.....:((