Deciding what to keep

I spent the day organizing. After loading the tractor and it's accessories onto the trailor to send it off to the consignment sale, I started organizing the junk that I have in the barn. So much of it will not be coming with me when I go. 
I could haul it all to the dump, or hire a dumpster, but all of that will cost a lot of money, which I don't have. So I have to leave it behind. Deciding what to leave behind is really difficult. I have tools and supplies that, at one time, meant something to me, but now, I look at them and they are nothing. I'll never use them again.
So instead of hauling this stuff away, I'm going to pack it away in the back and start packing up to move. I'm going to pack as little as possible, and hope that I can get some help when the time comes to take what I will take.
Sadly, it won't be much.