December 30th 2011 Gratitude Lists

things I'm grateful for today. 
1.)  Erin helping me take care of a critical this morning. 
2.)  One of my clients gratefulness to have her PC replaced and me working on her blackberry really made her day I could tell.
3.)  Good air quality outside very soothing nice rain and sun mixture.
4.)  Food from starbucks.  Plenty of food never go hungry in america
5.)  For the foodbanks that keep underpriviledged people able to eat and functional.
6.)  For wisdom and a good internal sense of how to handle situations that used to baffle me.
7.)  A great atmosmosphere to work in feels very professional.
8.)   My boss holding me accountable for being late to work.  Let's me know that I need to submit to authority
9.)  My knowledge of Powershell and being able to use it to better myself in my career
10.)  Sunshine, we are getting a bit this AM.