Deal Breakers

My new friend and I had our first fight.  I was stewing and so was he.  He did the right thing and he called me.  We both were mature enough to give our "differences"  time, so each of us could think it over. This is what happened. He invited me to meet and have dinner with his friends.  It was by, far the  most humid day of the summer, and almost 90 degrees.  We met and the friends wanted to eat at an English Tea Room.  We started to walk it  wife said it was just a couple of city blocks away.  Every time I stopped, I thought I was going to pass out in the heat and humidity. She thought this was quite funny and would say oh come on its just a couple of more blocks, you can make it.  My friend said nothing.   A couple of blocks was well over 2 miles in the heat and humidity.  We could have taken a taxi or a bus.  Better still, why did we just not all meet at the restaurant? We were seated, my living room was bigger than the dining area in this restauant.  But this is Greenwich Village, NYC, "ambiance"  As I am reading the menu, I am thinking how do people afford to live in Manhattan, or visit NYC, it is right on price with Europe now.  I could have ordered the same meal at an Irish Pub, in Brooklyn, for almost half of what this meal cost.  We are talking Pub Grub here.  Oh Well, its not my party, and I am trying to be a good "friend" and do what he wants, learning to play with others, meaning I can't always have everything my own way. The conversation was wonderful.  The couple were quite interesting.  He worked in Television and she has some famous and interesting friends.  I enjoyed the gossip about the rich and famous.  It was fun. The bill comes, the husband asked my friend for half and said he would take care of the tip  portion.  My friend asked me if I wanted him to pay for me!  Yes he was serious. I turned into a frozen block of ice in the 90 degree heat.  We all said out goodbyes and I took myself home. Well of course, I had my first Haz Gan Daz binge.  My faitful Dulce Leche friend.  And assorted other old food buddies.  That is what I did, I binged on junk food.  Stewing about all the dinners I have cooked for him.  All the goody bags he has taken home.  I started to calculate and played tit for tat in my mind. Where I made my big mistake friends, is not letting him "wine and dine" me when we first met.  I knew he was on a limited income and so am I we are both retired now.  I am a good cook and hostess, and I luv to entertain and make folks feel welcome.  I should have played some stupid game, that is the dating game.   I felt so humiliated that he did not care about my breathing and call a taxi.  And the final straw ask me to pay for the meal??? I went on this date for him, I did not want to go and I should not have gone, but I  really like him.  He is so sweet.  He has always brought me little things when he comes to my home.  Well I decided that if he called, I would listen to what he had to say. He called me and he apologized over and over again.  I suggested that if we go out in the future, we should have the money talk first.  I told him I do expect him to pay for me, within reason.  I still think I spoiled him and if we do break up in the futute, I have learned a big lesson.  I will have to go on the dates, no matter how uncomfortable they are. Oh Well, he is coming to my home on the 4th of July.  Wish us luck! Luv, Ree