I guess when you loose someone, so close and so dear, God does teach you about compassion. Compassion of others that are going through the same thing that you once went through. And I would have to save when I open the obiturary page in the daily news, my heart sheds a tear for the families that are now grieving.  Yesterday I opened the paper only to read about a boy who was 31, When I saw the age my heart sunk. So much life to live. It was an accident, he was cleaning his gun and it went off. And than good bye. This young boy was my ex brother in law. So this morning I will hed to the funeral. haven't seen the family in over 14 years but it is something I feel I must do. I guess what I am trying to say, is God gives you a caring spirit to help others in their time of need. And I can't ignore it. Or let it go by. His mother must be heart broken, it was her baby. I can't imagine that walk. BUt I just want her to know I am here for her.  Today I opened the paper only to see my boss's aunt has past away.  It makes you want to stop reading the paper. LOL. Compassion is all that God is about. And if I needed more compassion in my life in my soul than I am very thankful that the Lord put me through this.