My son called around 3pm."I hate to be the bearer of bad news" what happened? "Pikachu died earlier today". Pikachu was my cat. Oh I know I got her for my daughter, but she liked me first then my son. She never did like Katie. When I had to leave because of my illness I couldn't bring either one of my cats, we also had a male named Koko. He is much younger. When I was able to have the cats I was told absolutely not "they are Katie's cats and you wouldn't do that to your daughter!"Why not? Koko only liked me, none of the cats ever cared for Katie, they just tolerated her. I wanted her to have pets, because I thought it would help teach her responsibility, empathy, sympathy, and how to take care of another living thing. But I was wrong. Since I left the house the parakeet,the rat and now the cat have all died. The rat I know died because she forgot to feed it, give it water and clean its cage. I believe the same thing happened to the bird, and when the necropsy comes back I believe it will show that the cat did not have to die if she had taken it to the vet when it started showing signs of distress it could have been saved to live another 3 to 5 years of a comfortable life. But no she has no heart. She can't see what is happening until the animal dies then she feels a brief but painful sorrow and does the same thing all over again. All ways there are nothing but excuses. Well not this time. If I find out through the necropsy that Pikachu could have lived longer, I will go to Animal Control and do everything in my power to get Koko removed from that house. Last October when the sheriff checked on my daughter for me, he advised me that she was well, clean and there was food in the house so nothing could be done to return her too me per child visitation orders, but "please don't make me go back in there, the smell is overpowering." The smell is the cat box that maybe gets cleaned once a month or so. Am I wrong to care about my animals and my kids. Too hear my ex all of this is making a mole hill into a mountain. That I am just trying to cause trouble and for that he will have me put in jail again. Yes I have already been jailed once and he tried again last July but thank god the DA's office has more sense than my ex or the sheriff's dept and I was never charged.(I was never formally charged the first time they put me in jail, it cost me $8000, I got a deal on my bail, the total amount was $100,000. More than the drug dealers, credit card stealer, and murderer that were in jail with me. In fact the people in jail with me were more aghast than my husband was, and they advised me to be careful of someone who could do that to the mother of his children and supposedly had loved me enough to marry me.) But I am getting off track. I am worried about my daughter. I also am worried that my son will never come back to San Diego to see his Dad. Which will mean I will never see him again. He is very upsetĀ  I don't blame him, but he won't let me near him to help him through this period of grief. I can say it now "I hate what my husband has done to his family!" The really sad part, he thinks it is only "his family", I have nothing to do with it. I was nothing more than an incubator. When I popped the second baby out he was done with me. Why do I love this man? I believe I do love him, I just don't like him.



12/30/10 9:45pm
I\'m so sorry to hear about your cat. I\'m sure it was very hard for your son to call you with bad news.

we get so attached our animals and it hurts so bad when we lose them. They love us no matter what. My dog, Bear, died last January. It broke my heart, he was almost 13 years old. That is when we got the dog we have now \"Toby\".
what a dog he is, he\'s crazy and then when he\'s tired just sleeps on my bed and is so lovable.
Just remember that our animals do go to heaven and will know us when we get there.
I do believe that someday your exhusband will be sorry for his actions because his children will have figured him out and he will be alone with those thoughts.
My sympathy for your loss.

Oh I\'m so sorry about your cat. The name Picachu caught my attention and I started reading your journals...all I can say is that my heart totally goes out to you.

I\'m so sorry. Your ex sounds like he\'s a totally messed up person. I really do believe that you\'re better off without him! For now, it sounds like your children are under his control. I can\'t make anything better for you, but I\'d like to be your friend.