In a daze today, from totally being wiped out from the emotional
rollercoaster, yesterday. I made myself go outside today, even though it was a
blistering 101 degrees. The sun melting away what seems to be the last bit of
emotion left in my body. It didnt rejuvenate me. It just left me empty without
any emotions; I was neither sad, mad, lonely, frustrated, angry, bitter, nor happy.
I just sat there for hours looking out into space, without a thought. Is this
what it is like to have an out of body experience? I hope not because I didnt
reflect on the woman who was sitting there like she just had a lobotomy. To
tired of thinking. To tired of feeling. Just way to tired in trying to figure
it all out. I guess I could look on the bright side of things and say to
myself: now that you are completely empty, you can start to fill yourself with
the right things to make you happy Something to ponder over, perhaps.