Day Two of Lupron...

What an adventure it was to start Lupron while away for the weekend!  I'm sure the housekeeping staff loved my sharps container and assortment of bottles and syringes on the counter of our bathroom.  I have to say that the actual injection didn't hurt as badly as I was expecting, but I did get light headed when I felt like I couldn't inject the medication.  I stood there pinching my skin and trying to push the plunger end and nothing happened, and then I started feeling dizzy I assume because I'm staring at this needle in my skin! Ha ha!
DH did a good job jumping in.  He told me it was ok when I apologized, and then later told my mom I had a mini-freak out and didn't trust myself and that I was doing just fine up until then.  After the fact I was able to laugh about it too.  It's not like this is part of my everyday life, though it is now for the next month!  I was thrilled though with no bruise and not even a lump yesterday.  I actually asked him last night if he was sure the medication all went in because I was expecting both a lump and a black spot!
Today went much better now that we're home.  DH was already up and getting ready for work, and I sort of stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom with my eyes half opened.  I was more methodic about it today--I decided to approach this as business and that helps I think, up until the actual sticking myself part.  I keep getting stage fright!  And then I do the fake motion forward but stop right before the needle touches my skin.  DH's support this morning was, "Remember, use a dart-like motion!"  He was trying to help me not do the fake out move, but I think his rallying made me even  more self conscious because my dart like motion turned into a sloooow hand.  Of course that hurt more than yesterday (dart-like tomorrow FOR SURE), and I'm quite sure I'll have a bruise after that one!
I know with each day it will get easier and I'll get better and better at this.  As I told him this morning, this once a day business is good practice for next week when I will be hitting the Lupron in the AM, and the stims in the PM for twice a day dart-like motions. 
In all seriousness, I continue to focus on the end goal--a healthy baby!  And I remain hopeful and put my faith in God, as always.  God is great!



I\'m sure each day it will get easier, and you\'ll be a pro at that \"dart like movement\" by the end of this! Keep going and be proud of yourself for doing it!

I enjoyed reading your blog. I will be doing the same in about a month. Thanks for sharing. Sending healthy egg vibes!