day thirty nine

so my leg is still swollen.  a lot.  but i'm at work with my dad who is coughing up a lung in his office.  i told him to stay away from me.
one of my friends helped me get tickets to see my fave performer in concert - billy joel.  he announced a couple of shows in new york city but there was a presale for citi card holders.  the last show he announced with a presale was horrible - when tix went on sale to the general public a few weeks ago, i logged on RIGHT AWAY to get them and they sold out within two minutes. 
billy's very, very popular in new york.  his 'one show' at madison square garden has already grown to four.  he sold out the garden 12 times over a couple of months a few years ago and holds a record for that.  (i saw two of those shows.)
the third show announced is the week after my 34th birthday and i really wanted to go.  one of my long time friends, who i haven't seen in years, messaged me on facebook like 'i'll buy them for you, send me a check' which was totally cool.  so now dh and i will be seeing billy the week after my birthday.  we have first row balcony seats behind the stage, which i'm happy with.  i'd rather be closer behind the stage than allllll the way across the garden.
but seriously, my leg.  i never want to have another tattoo this big done at once because the swelling is ridiculous.  i've started myself on a prednisone burst to try and help (which is making my wrists and fingers and hips feel SO MUCH BETTER) but my freaking ankle and foot are still huge.  i'm kind of putting it up at work by resting my toes against the back of this old, horrible, huge desk and it feels pretty nice.  when i get home i'm going to fall on the couch, put my foot up, and watch some cartoons.  maybe i can convince dh to order chinese or something for dinner so i don't have to cook again. 
as lame as i am, and as little as i've gotten done this week, and as much as i've complained, it's been kind of nice to have a forced week off.  i went food shopping twice, had a rheumy appointment, and am at work today.  if i feel well enough, i'm stopping on the way home for cat food.  but aside from my HUGE FARKING LEG, i feel physically rested and pretty good.  maybe i can get my head to follow.