day started badly and ended well

I had a hard time doing anything today.  The day dragged on and I accepted the fact that it wasn't going to be a good day.  Then I started to make a plan for tomorrow.   My 20 yr son, Nick, is in a play tomorrow and I thought why not invite some people here for lunch tomorrow. I contacted the people going to the play and suddenly I felt better.  A very old friend of Jons  was looking forward to coming to the play and bringing his son over.  It felt like Jon was here again.  I am so lucky that he had such good friends.   The irony is that I felt this same person was a bad influenence on Jon when he was in high school but Jon never gave up on him.  His friend credits my son with turning him around and now he is getting his bachelor degree and is a single parent to a 5 yr old boy.  I am glad to see that he was right about his friend and stuck with him.   I am now looking forward to tomorrow instead of dreading it.