Day before Beta FET 2.0

So it is time for my usual freak out. Whilst I will be devastated if this is a negative result, I guess I am trying to see things in perspective. We already have a beautiful awesome baby boy. He is healthy and happy. We never thought we would have one child so anything else is a bonus. We have one more embryo to transfer before we have to start from the start. We will do an egg retrieval as soon as the next cycle is done. After that, we will take a break for a while, regroup and move forward.
Things at work don't seem so bad so I am not as desperate as I was to not go back. I start back next week and I think it is going to be really beneficial for me to face my demons there. I am also studying, so I have an exit strategy if I decide I need a career change. 
I am trying to face his as calmly as I can. I am not holding out much hope...there have been way too many negative results on here lately and it breaks my heart.
As far as symptoms go, the only thing I can say is that I have been dog tired. Probably due to the fact that I have been sick and also because of all of the stress we have been under over the last few months. I am also carrying alot of extra weight which I feel instantly makes me more lethargic.
Anyway, I am cooking all day today in order to prepare for back to work days. Its Winter over here and miserable so the kitchen is probably the best place to be.