Day after Thanksgiving

So we all went to my sister's for turkey day.  Just me, the kids, my mom, my sister & her husband.  Food was very good, and mom didn't act freaky (in my opinion) as my sister feared.  I didn't get treated like I was a total idiot, so that's good.  My sister probably has her own opinions about me, the kids, etc, but who cares--she kept her mouth shut & that's all I ask.
Now it's time to gear up for Christmas.  I didn't feel ready before, but after evaluating the things I need to do, it doesn't look so bad.  I've cut out about 20 Xmas letters, since so many friends are on Facebook now.  There are more days between Thanksgiving & Christmas, so there is plenty of time for baking.  Now I just need to figure out what to get everyone.  Plus schedule the car to get the suspension replaced, which is big $, but I think it'll work out.