Day After Boxing Day

I felt so good on Christmas day and now Im back to a 3 or 4 out of 10. Just accept it for what it is and look forward to what there is to look forward to. Especially chatting on DS. It engages my attention and i feel sincerity here.
I really appreciate the comments I get on my journal. I so wish I could meet up with these people in real Life.
Writing 300 words will be difficult today-I have nothing to say...I really like Ivan's two sons and his ex wife jan and her fiance Rob. It was nice to spend Christmas day with them and I van kindly drove me over to see Bryan. Lots of driving for him but hopefully he can have the next few days staying closer to home.
Yesterday i splashed out and bought 2 pairs of chinos karkhi/kharki and white which may be a bit bold with dirt everywhere but hopefully will look good with all my different tops. I have lots of tops and 4 pr blue jeans and white and karki (???)
and some red 3/4 pants. enough clothes to enjoy summer in.Ivan gave me some thongs which are nice, a pretty sarong and a diary for next year.(of course next year you silly hillbilly)
I hate feeling bad-its just boredom i think and i have to accept boredom as part of the package. I have a book 2 read on self hypnosis-maybe it will help with this depression.
My concentration and motivation are so low. Were they ever high though?
I used to be able to concentrate on my astrology a long long time ago. Now Im just confused by it. Damn-wanted astrobiz to help me in retirement....I am saving well though.$200 per week. I dont want to live much past 75 i think-though of course it ll depend on who im with and how my health is.
Gosh Im leaping all around like a flea in a fit. Cant even write more than a couple of sentences here on one topic.
Ivan seems a bit pissed off with me this morning. Not sure why. Probably cos Im annoying not talking just bing bonging on this while he does chores. If it was my place Id be doing chores too.
I dont feel like it is my place-I dont know what the routine is.
And now the dishwasher is rattling.
I shall just keep on keeping on with 51/2 days holiday to go...
5 to 12 midday...nothing to do but what the hell eh?
There's plenty to do-type on here, chat with Ivan , take Arnie to the beach, chat with DS the sun go round....
must get back onto my diet. im up to 68.4 bugger Ivan is only 4 ks heavier than me....
Enough....bye for now.......Keep in Touch....Talk to you later>>>>>>>>