day two

Today was insanly frustrating for me, productive, but god im not doing very well with keeping my paticients with my mom. but i just cant help it sometimes, she drives me crazy. so today i finaly had an appointment to get my learners permit at the dmv, and for two weeks iv been asking my mom if she had a copy of my birth certificate and she said that she did. and then of course this mornign i get up and i ask her about it and she looks at me as if im the crazy one and asks me what im talking about. so obvously i have no permit today, which was really disapointingand i got another 'slap in the face' love momand so i got home and i was just so frustrated i took the mail out and there was a letter from the animal hospital. i opened it and it was a card sined by all the vets there who knew my dog dawsen who just died last monday. it was so touching and i just lost it and started crying. i cryed so hardits like god wont let me stay mad at the world. bad things happen and i want to hate everything but god wont let me. caues everytime i look around and see all the bad people here something happens like the card from the animal clinic. and im reminded again that despite everything there are truely good people in this world to. that love exists. and god is real. <:AtomicElement>so i sat down and i figured out what i needed to do to get a copy of my birth certificate. i made another appointment at the dmv<:AtomicElement>and then i painted all day