Day 8 and its Great...

Finally, I give myself a break from the madness...  Just got back from vacation and I still have Alex for 4 more days.  Her cousin called and wanted her to spend the night.  My oldest was leaving for town so she took her over to cousin's house.  Yep... first thing that popped in my head ***I can go to the casino*** NO NO NO.... I immediately started talking myself out of it.  Wasn't easy, but for the first time, I did it.  I overpowered my own brain.  This gives me hope.  If I did it once, I can do it again.   I have hope.......



I\'ve been thinking about my brain, and my heart. For me, it\'s my heart that can calm my crazy brain down, I never knew that, I\'m so grateful to realize my heart is good for something. A crazy thought popped into your head ***I can go to the casino***, I believe you\'re heart was telling that crazy thought, NO NO NO
Maybe because your heart wants to be kinder to your self. Your heart knows gambling can only hurt you. At least that\'s how it feels for me, wanting to be kinder to myself. Congrats on day 8...and that was yesterday, so it\'s actually day 9 now! What beautiful words...I have hope....... xxxooo