Day 8: 8 days on track! 5 miles today (supposed to be rest day)

I couldn't wait to write this post. 5 miles today! That is the longest I've run in months... and it wasn't easy. The route I created was pretty tough in the beginning with one giant hill, and lots of downhill, and a huge hill at the end too. My time was 52:28, which isn't bad considering I had to walk a few times because I got a little lost, and I had to inhaler it at mile 1.
Can't wait til this gets easier again... I miss those days. I have to do my strength workout today... chest and back here we go!
update: ooh, such disappointing results compared to when I was in my prime years ago:
pushups: 2 x 10
pullups (palms facing away): 2 x 2
chest press: 3 x 10 @ 10lbs
incline chest press: 2 x 10 with rubber band (SO HARD!!!)
vertical row: 2 x 10 with rubber band
side rows: 2 x 10 with rubber band



impressive! It will get easier....GOGOGO!

5 miles!! YAY JESSICA! I am so happy for you! Don\'t compare yourself to anyone else, including your younger self. Celebrate who you are now and where you are at now, and be proud. :) You rock!

p.s. You are right- incline chest presses are sooo hard!!