Day 6 of hospitalization

Talked to Em today. Sounds like she's been having a rough couple of days. She's been removed from all anxiety meds and is having a time keeping it under control now. She has been shaking for 2 days now. And to make it worse her brother went to visitation today and she had a severe panic attack 2 minutes in. She had to leave visitation and they had to give her an injection. On the bright side that was most relief she's had from her anxiety in days. Despite this they think she will get to come home on Tuesday. And her private pdoc can straighten her meds back out. She is not on a single med now that she was on when she went in. But docs always know best right? This happens everytime she goes in, the hospital pdocs change everything she's on and her private pdoc eventually changes it all back. I guess I can't complain since the hospital's job is crisis intervention. And she is always better when she comes out of Brentwood. 
As far as me I'm tired! Working 2 jobs and trying to keep things going without her is hard on the best of days. I don't sleep well without her home and I've found that I really don't prefer solitude. I want her home! I want her better!