Day 4- Not too bad.

Down to 165 lbs this AM, but my bmi tonight was up.  31.5.  (It was on the Wii Fit balance board and it was after dinner, so I am not sweating it.  I am still down from 168 lbs and bmi of 31.68.)  Can't wait to be out of the "obese" bmi category.  Hopefully by Christmas. 
My food today wasn't bad:  oatmeal, coffee, huge bowl of tomato soup, silk milk, protein bar, spaghetti, meatballs, peas.  I did eat a double portion of spaghetti, which I am sure is what threw my BMI off tonight.  Gotta bump up the fruits and veggies tomorrow.  My water today was great! 
I was watching The Biggest Loser last night.  I generally don't watch it, but I was sitting around waiting for Paul.  It is exciting, and a little motivating to watch, but then I remember that these people are losing 10 lbs per week!  To me it is so unrealistic and so unhealthy!  I REALLY want it this time.  I lost weight then quit smoking.  So now I just have the weight to deal with. 
I did 67 minutes of Wii Walk It Out tonight and also leg lifts.  Woo Hoo!  Over 13,000 steps for the day.  Got in my 10,000 steps yesterday.
My throat was hurting for a few days, like a muscle kind of sore throat (hurt to swallow.)  Felt like maybe I was coming down with something.  today, really bad sore throat like I have a big blister in my throat.  Hurts to swallow.  It was dreary/rainy all day today.  My hands are SO dry!  Hopefully, will bump up my water and all will get better. 
We met with David's counseling team today.  We are giving David an additional dose of Focalin in the afternoon and I think they are going to give him an anti depressant.  We discussed the issues and are going to try some things.  They "read the riot act" to David, basically telling him the next step is:  1)  residential treatment, 2)  going to Juvenile detention, 3) going to court and being put on probation.  We were also given a phone number for a mobile crisis unit to assist us if he loses control.  David REALLY controlled himself well (wow!) in the meeting.  Hoping this gets through to him.
So overall, not a bad day!



Wow, what a good update.

Natural consequences can work wonders with modifying behavior.

I\'m smiling for you.

:-) Patricia

Good going on the steps! I think I got to 10,000 once so I am in awe of all that get them done!
I recall all the heart ache we got from our daughter in her teen years. I beleive her agenda was to challlenge every rule made by adults. The day she turned 18 and knew the consequences changed she transformed into another person. She just knew how far to push. Hopefully the threats (promise) of being held accountable for furture actions will help David have some self control. Sending prayers!