Day #4 - Lonliness

i don’t know if anyone is truly here and I don’t know what I expected when I signed up for this site...I do know this...

Just having this space where I know I can let out my struggles helps me. Lying is isolating and I can’t stand it.  I feel alone in crowded rooms as my reality is mine only.

This morning my family and I had a deep discussion around the issues I have caused.  There were tears from my family and my gut reaction was to lie and hide my sadness over what I caused with statements that protected them from my fears.  But I didn’t.  I faced it head on.

We have a 6 hour drive together and I am sure there is still more talking toncome and I need to take the protective self out of my mind now.  I need to be open and honest. I need to show my weakness and let them know there is a real me that is truly there.



Hearing your story is inspirational to me and others, believe me. It definitely takes effort to be open and honest with your family and friends.
I find encouragement, on this site, seeing others make steps to improve their lives. I hope the best for you in your quest.