Day 3 Lost oppurtunities

The depression and aniexty have cost me so many oppurtunities, I could have gone to an art school, or done computers, I could have had a date to that dance, I could have dated that guy, I could seen that therapist, I could have been in that play, I could have practiced more, I could have studied more, I could have been on the basketball team, or the volleyball team, i could have learned saxaphone or drums, i could have entered the contest, i could've been a better friend and relative, i couldv'e started my own business, i could've went to europe, i could have married that rich guy, i could've been confident, i could've been a star at school, i could've been a dancer, i could've taken that job in Virginia, i could've been healthy, i could've been happy, i could've been something, i could've went to the beach every weekend, i could've stood up for myself.
The list goes on forever like I'm sure it does for everyone. It just makes me so mad that by just taking a few steps when I was younger, itĀ could have changed my whole life. But people did what was easy, which is human nature. So I have to accept the loss of those opportunities, but I know that many more will come, especially if I stay on the path I'm on right now. And there is no guarantee it would have made a difference, I heard alot of people say they went to therapy and it did nothing for them, although those people still have their jobs and relationships.