Day 3, 2009

So, today went alright. I slept in a little bit too much, but I guess it was much needed. I did amazing with my protein for today!! Yeeeeahhh. I'm having issues with Mike though. We went grocery shopping yesterday and he was about to buy a tube of chocolate chip cookie dough! UGH I had to argue with him about how I can't have that kind of stuff in the house! I can't!! The only thing I can have is like dove dark chocolate squares, I don't know why, but they are safe for me. I don't binge on them. Anyway, my preworkout shake is the best one I've taken yet! I don't recall the name at this time, but it tastes the best and works the quickest of anything I've tried yet. Did a great workout YEAH! Time to go to Blockbuster.... Today....Calories 1601 (167.60g protein!!!)Exercise: pull-ups (assisted by squats) , 100lbs dead/sumo lifts, wall squats, climbed up and down 6 floors of stairs in near by parking garage ;)Supplements: pre-workout shake, dv, creatine, glucosamine, fish oil3rd day no Nicotine!!!