Day 2 & Day 3:Early

So I spent the entire day alone, mostly my fault. Ended up going to sleep at about 5 and didn't wake up till 9:30, she was getting ready for work so I went back to bed. She went to bleachers with her friend Danielle for dinner. So At least she had a good night. Not much was said between us. She's acting as if she never said anything, and that kind of hurts me. If this relationship is going to work I need her to help me keep it going. She wanted to see me yesterday, she messaged me after i wrote that I was going for a nap then hanging with Nate. I told her when i got up i'd message her, but i was too late...i guess that's the way it goes. I feel the end creeping nearer and nearer and now I'm hurting so much and frankly this is the way it was after she broke up with me. If i have to feel this way, then maybe it's better served alone. I don't know. I'm going to keep trying but the edge of that blade is drawing nearer, I'm starting to smell blood. It's 7 am now, I'm gonna see if Nate wants to meet up for breakfast. I have a job connect meeting today and I'm gonna see if I can schedule myself in for a wicked hair cut soon. People keep telling me to go with a mohawk, as much as i wouldn't mind it, I don't think i could rock that and honestly, who's going to hire me?I'm off for now