Day 18 evening

Almost to the end of the day.  Left work right on time.  May need to work a little late on Saturday, but will try to leave on time unless necessary.
Came home no thought of liquor store.  Woohoo.  Came home exercised, lifted some weights.  After writing here I plan to take a bath and then stretch.  Eat dinner and call it a day.
Tomorrow I'm wondering if I leave work on time that I might be able to shoot out to the forest.  It's staying light a lot later.  I think it would be possible.  I'll see how I feel.
Exercise felt really good today...feel like my body's getting into the rhythm of it.  Lot of muscle memory in them for exercise.  Old hat for them.  I feel like I'll just follow what my body is saying.  I've been being careful, but it's starting to feel like my body's ready to roll.  I'll let it do its thing.
A lot of the skin problems I was having from a compromised immune system are starting to clear up.  Not as fast as I would like, but I need to be patient.  It took me three years to compromise my immune system, and I whine that in 18 days these problems are not clearing as quickly as I would like.  I am grateful that the skin problems weren't visible to others, and I am grateful that my body is able to recover from the abuse I heaped upon it. Slow but sure and for that I should be grateful.
I do not drink.  I am committed to making a life change.  I, myself, have made the choice not to drink.  I, myself, have made the choice to make a life change.  I do not drink.  I am the tree, not the leaves.  I am the mountain.  It is the end of day 18, and I feel solid.