Darn winter anyway

While I never get on this sight or much of the internet anymore I thought I would write about my disgust with this winter.  NO snow and I usually have many many inches by now so they are predicting a drought as bad as it was in 2003 for the PNW.  No snowmobiling which I   love to do.
I am currently working off and on for the local school district as a para pro sub, due to shortages of teacher subs they want me to apply for one of those......have not done it cost more $$$ and time for application right now.  But I have been the teacher in the math lab (a resource lab for kids struggling) ME a poor math student in school and even did not like it in college.  But when I see these 6-8th graders just doing such basic math I just shake my head how did they get so far with so little knowledge...sad  BUT I am enjoying the work...with kids even a few sassy ones....ha ha
I s till am worrying about finances - my bank account is dwindling and I need a good full time part time or full time position to keep my place and I afloat.  Yet at age almost 64....hard to get....so GOD is you are there please please can you not see I need this....I am active well etc to work more.