Darn asthma!!!

Well I am back to square one as far as treatment for my asthma!! I was at first on advair hfa   115/21  - it didn't work then symbocort  160/4.5  - caused severe muscle pain but asthma was better Put me back on advair hfa 115/21 - again didn't work then upped me to advair hfa 230/21 - caused severe thrash even with rinceing my mouth.   I have had it for over a week and it is getting worse not better!!  even on the anti-fungus medicines.   Now that I stoped the advair yesterday doctor restarted the anti-fungus medicines and I am on it for 14 days.    Now I am on  Foradil Aerolizer!   My ears are bothering me.  They are ringing but not a normal ring its more dull almost like my heart beat but not quite.  Does it ever end?????