Dark Road

My son had his first arraignment this past Thursday- It was so hard sitting in the courtroom and watch him come in with handcuffs and a chain to his ankles and cuffs on there too. To watch him having to shuffle in was heart wrenching. I met the public defender - she seemed nice. She said she was assigned because of the seriousness of the charges. I met the prosecutor - I want to hate him. But I know he is doing a job. The public defender gave my son information on his case. I think it was the first time he knew really what was going on and what evidence they had. At least that is what I think, we can't talk about the case because of lack of privacy. I am lucky - I have a good friend who is my family attorney. Even though she does not do criminal law she has been so informative for me. They dropped the 4 aggravated assault charges. But kept the one that is a felony punishable by life and then added a 2nd degree felony. The prosecutor told me that based on my son's recorded calls, he seems to think that he will only serve 3 years and he (the prosecutor) is going to make sure he serves a lot longer. Not sure why he told me that, did he enjoy inflicting more pain on me then what I am already feeling? He then told me that I probably believed my son was innocent but when I see all the evidence I would not be "jazzed". What the hell was that supposed to mean? My rabbi was with me and actually told him that he couldn't believe he could be so unprofessional to someone especially someone who was in such obvious emotional pain. I am trying to be positive for my son. I received a letter from him that said he was having dreams that he would get life in prison. He said he would deal with that until I was "gone" then he would follow me. How do I react to that?