daily update

just thought id write a wee note to myself. tommy was supposed to be stayin at jimmy's last night but he brought him back at 5pm, no reason, just brought him back. tommy seemed okay with things so jimmy is goin to take him over night tonight, so we will see how things go this time. tasha has her interview for college tomorrow and levi has went into school for her last day of 5th yr. im now at home after droppin tommy off at school earlier, im supposed to b gettin up to date with the house work but thought id just update this site first. feeling quite good today. jimmy tried very hard to start arguments and wind me up yesterday but i kept my cool and didnt react to him at all. im not responsible for his actions or attitude and im not goin to let them bother me. hope i can keep this up. im goin to update again later this evening coz im prob goin to be on my own tommy is supposed to b with jimmy, tasha's goin to my dad's and levi will be home later due to work. i found things difficult yesterday with being on my own, i missed tommy like mad. i'll see how i deal without him tonight.
k, its now just after nine and ive been on the phone to the wee one and he seemed happy enough, thinks he's on a wee holiday or a sleep over or something. so its just myself and my 16yr old daughter in the house tonight. we are about to watch a spooky programme and then off to bed. hope i can sleep coz the wee one normally sleeps with me and twist my hair the whole night, so used to him being there i feel like ive had one of my legs cut off. i have to get used to this tho. as long as his dad stays sober then i have to let them have a relationship. its not easy to let him go tho coz he's the wee one. ive been a wee bit bored tonight but watched a really good film with my daughter called "rachel getting married" which is about a drug addict who returns after rehab to attend her sisters wedding and one min had me laffin and the next min cryin. anyway, spooky programme and sleepin tabs in that order are next on the menu. roll on tomorrow xxx