Daily Strength !!!

I had a great afternoon chatting with daily Strength friends. Really pulled me out of my depression a treat.
Thanks to JoeGo, Kyra72, Omar71, GoldenPond and I'm sorry if Ive forgotten anyone but oh yes Jokr and JoeyPP or PPJoey I think he is....
I cant check in my friends names cos if I do I lose everything Ive typed!
MMM not gonna catch me out like that again.
I took Arnie for a walk this afternoon and we went shopping a little bit, visited Jan and had coffee up at La Vinciis.
Think ive figured out why my astrology programme changed the house cusps and planets too. Would be great if I have, as I want to get back into Astrology Biz this year. make some extra money and have the fun of seeing if I get nibbles.
I've done it before I can do it again.
Took a sleeping pill before as I feel most restless. Good sign that this depression is bottoming out.
I hope so I hope so I hope so!
Will just check what carol Squires charges again.
Hanging in there.
Hope to be back with my 300 words and walking Arnie in the mornings again.
Thanks to friends for staying around.



Best of luck Dinah........HANG IN THERE!!!

I am glad you feel happy again!!! Every time I walks my dogs, I feel better,too!

Great reading from a great friend.