Daily Planner

I have come to realize that plans are a good thing. It gives
me hope for a better tomorrow. I am a goal setter and like to accomplish and
finish out projects but, plans that involve interaction seem to brighten my


Yes, sure I have some anxiety issues when setting plans to
far ahead but, the excitement of the meeting always seems to reap a big reward,
in my favor. I am upbeat and find myself preparing for that big day to arrive.
I just hope that I dont set my expectations to high. What if the plans fail,
if something out of my control prevents this event from happening? What will I
do? Will I fall apart? Will I spiral down into a depression because I cant
have it my way? Sure, I will. I know myself very well. I know what will happen.
I will be disappointed but, will use logical explanation to calm myself down.
Talk my way through the disappointing factors that may be, perhaps, not
something to fret over. I guess it is just what happens in life. Things happen.
This is one of the reasons why I hate being a control freak. When things are
out of my control, I seem to pin point the blame on myself. This thought
process needs to be changed because how am I ever going to have a better
tomorrow if I dont make the plans and accept that plans can and do sometimes
get broken. All in all, I long for the rewards of everything happening like I


Plans for a better tomorrow sure, I am going to make some
more today J.