Daily goals

My first daily goal is to write something in my journal.
I am feeling sad and depressed and I don't want to get out of bed.
I really hope & pray I see my psychiatrist on 3/17/2009 because if I don't they will refuse me in the future, because I am missing too many appointments and rescheduling and I haven't been to see my Dr. for approx. 1 year and that is not good.
 Well here is an update, I have been off of daily strength for many months.
I finally went to a psychiatrist in March of this year 2010 after struggling with my medications.  I was put back on Prozac it seems to work best for me.
Now I am suffering with head tremors and dizziness and I need to go see a neurologist.
And because of my depression I have neglected brushing my teeth and I have severe gum infection and pain.  I have made arrangements at the college to have my teeth cleaned at the end of August.