Daily card

I have these Soul Coaching oracle cards and I think I will post what I pull daily right here, In hopes of inspiration for myself and anyone who reads my journal.
Card pulled for 4/20/10
Card meaning: Fruit drops from a tree when it is ripe, flowers open to the day when the sun rises, a bird' egg cracks open when it is time. Everything that you have been doing has prepared you for a coming breakthrough. Quit standing on the cliff wondering what you should do. Just jump off, spread your arms, and you shall fly.
Old limitations and blockages are dropping away. Usually the things that keeps you from moving forward is fear. This truly is the time for you to "feel the fear and do it anyway."
Affirm: "I soar into limitless Love, Light, and Joy!"
Interesting card gives me something to think about
Love and HUGS!



Hey, I just recently wrote in my journal about jumping off and flying; maybe I better grow some wings; perhaps this message is for me???!!

Thanks for the encouragment!