Dad's going to visit next weekend.

Just got word that my Dad and his Wife will be paying us a brief visit next weekend. They can't bring presents, like that's what we want anyways) but they want to take us out for a nice dinner while in town. I am struggling to find a family place for a dinner for the holidays. lots of places will be booked for the holidays so it's not going to be easy. I am sure we'll figure something out though.
He also said he wants the 2 of us to meet for breakfast and have a heart to heart about our expectations in building a relationship from here so neither of us is hurt in the future. I really don't know what to make of this part. I have no expectations, but it seems to me that he needs this chat to put his mind at ease, so I will humor him. I just pray he will be pleasantly surprized by the lack of strings and baggage I am bringing to this new relationship. My thing is I want him to have a relationship with his grandkids. If we can talk a little here and there that is icing on the cake to be sure.



Well Dad\'s visit came and went in the blink of an eye this time. We got together for our breakfast meeting. We talked for a bit and we connected. He needed to talk about what happened between he and Mom that made it impossible to make the marriage work. He needed to give me his perspective and I let him. It\'s not info I particularly needed to hear, but he had to share it, so I let him. I don\'t have a changed opinion of him or Mom. I will say that for the first time having his perspective on the whole thing gave me some clarity on it. I don\'t know how much was how it happened, and how much was how he remembers it happening after 40 years. Doesn\'t matter actually. We\'re going to pick it up from here, and the expectation for both of us is to NOT let things that bother us go unreported. If either of us feels we need to time it out and talk about something that is hurting us, we have promised to do so. We\'ll have to see.