Well I am up to the full dose of the cyclophosphimide. the first couple of days were not nice, but I wasn't sure if it was the meds or the tail end of the bug I had. I was waking up nauseaus in the middle of the night and it was staying with me until mid afternoon. I decided to break up the dose and see if that did anything....and it did, no more nausea. the amount of water that you have to dink with this med is daunting and you spend alot of time in the bathroom. i am drinking about 2 liters a day, so that's about all I drink except for my coffee in the morning. It is hard to keep up with when we have to be out all day, I guess I will have to used to bringing a water bottle with me everywhere.Going to see our daughter tomorrow, She painted her living room and wants me to see it.I bought a Wii the other day and so far it's been fun. I haven't been able to find the wii fit. I kick butt in boxing and bowling and suck at tennis and golf.....almost like real    the boxing gets a sweat going so I will have to keep that up until I can find the fit, maybe w e can find one tomorrow....... keeping my fingers crossed.