Oh well, good to be outted-Ive contacted ww and omb and rose to apologise poor old me-useless Mrs Smith spy! learnt shit though.good to be back at work.had an 80% occupency rate on my desktop which is good going.rupert and Danilo were good to sit with 2day. Apii is finally getting me my own desk.hope i get a young one to sit next to bit hard work being too close to the old bags...too like me?got to switch my money round to pay H for 2moro.going to 80/20 career coach me. will be great he is such a good life coach.its wet and gentle tonight.i feel good about the X situation .Mortified mildly cos I did to him what John did to me.I thought J was my friend and then he made a pass at me the other night after going to the opening and having dinner. several passes actuallyi didnt need it at all. like ray- like so many Mike Bastings types Ive known.I trust and open up then have my trust betrayed.Ah me men-women....i feel dirty after like a brother had come onto X if you are reading this I do apologise.and after all i really only want to help.I mean cripes dont even know if he would attract me physically gave ,e somecontradictory descriptions of himself.i just want to be friends not fiends.i just love love is all.pity about drunken 3 beers diatribe last night what Lola wants she usually gets.rejection reactionsee ya.