Crazy Week

Hi All, I have had a crazy week, and put in 16.25 hours of overtime at work, but I love my job soooooooooo much.  I actually get to have fun on the job, and serve others in the process.  My co-workers and I pick on each other a lot, and have a great time doing it.  I found out today that I can take an extra day off next week since I put in a lot of overtime, so I will get three days off from Thursday-Saturday, which will be wonderful, since I have 2 term papers to write for school as well as a sermon to preach. I am teaching Sunday School all this month with 3rd grade, and we are going to have a fine and dandy month because I have 3 rowdy ones in the bunch.  Obviously, the theme is about Easter, in regards to Christ's death, burial, and resurrection.  I have a ton of ideas to run with, and am very excited!!!  I miss teaching when I don't do it for awhile, plus I love kids. I have survived my classes for school thus far.  I finally know how to write a sermon.  Praise the Lord!!!  I love my classes and professors, they are so good to me, and treat me like a queen. I didn't go to the concert tonight due to being called into work, and being wide awake at 4 a.m.  I did manage to get 10 hours of sleep, though, so that will be a huge blessing tomorrow, I hope.   Have a good upcoming week!!!  Blessings to you and with those you encounter!!!