crazy head

so i sent her all thes really deep messages and guess what i got back nothing. so she asks today why are you so quiet are you ok. are you freaking kidding me. i said i feel like im dead like i lost half of me . that im upset her parents leaving for the month cause originally thought it would be time to get to know her cause would finally be allowed to her home and see that part of her. and now thought it wasnt gonna happen cause we not really together. so she says hun just chill u will still get to come over and what ever..... you need to breathe and relax. am i the crazy one. i sent all those texts expressing my love and how much i miss her and how i feel like im dying and she says hun i dont know what to say i know you are hurting. do i just need to chill. really is this what im supposed to do. cause i really tried to tell her to take a walk till she makes up her mind if she wants to be with me. what the hell am i doing. she knows what she is doing. cause really am i going anywhere. nope