Sometimes I feel as if i'm going crazy. My thoughts race. Sometimes I almost feel as if I can hear voices. But now that i'm on a new medication, things are getting better. But, I still feel as if I can't hold still. Most of the time I would rather sleep through my day then have to stay awake and deal with the pain and boredom. I get pretty miserable sometimes. It's mostly just my mom that I have to talk to. I have one other friend I can talk to once in a while, but we're not as close as we use to be. So, I don't really talk to her about as much.
I have gained a lot of weight these days. I had to buy bigger clothes. I am taking classes right now online. But i'm not doing very good in the one class. The other one i'm doing great in. So, I am a little nervous. I hope I can pass both classes at a high enough level to meet the financial aid expectations.