CPAP Goal,Tired,No Money,Homework,Pain in Butt,Joey Still feeling so so,Homework,Ralph feeling bad

Hello AllWell nothing much here. Play games and did homework on Monday. Had class at 6 and did some more homework. I chatted and play around. Went to bed sort of early. It was Anthony's birthday but he had to wait for his present. On tuesday before I went to P.T. the phone and internet went down and I call the phone company.Hopefully we get the internet working. I went to P. T. and sort of over did it with my stubboness but thats ok i do ok. we got another therapist to work with and he's cute  I went to aftercare and went home. One of my friends just got diagnosis with fms and we talk before aftercare and i gave her my number to call me hopefully our phone works. I got home they fix the internet because my phone still didn't work and the internet came off it so ralph and the boys ran wire to the living room from my office to fix the internet so I could finish my homework. By 10 I was falling asleep at the computer so I went to bed. Today I have to go to the psychisatrist who is a bad bed side manner one. Have to go to him to see my therapist says the medicare. He's a jerk and last time he threw me for a loop the way he acted this time I will be ready. I will get the lead role this time. Ha Ha. Talk to you later. I miss the CPAP Monday night but did it last night. 2 our of 3 Ha Ha. Have a pain free day. Love ya all. I don't totally feel good but not bad either so a half way smile.Robin