Court update

Ok, went into court today and found out that the stbx did have a lawyer.  No big deal because that makes it easier for my lawyer.  As it was the lawyers agreed that it would be crazy to try and let him get a divorce on cruelty to the kids because there wasn’t any proof on it.  So we are going to wait a year for the divorce.  Now he is yelling about the date.  He filed for a divorce on Nov. 16th but I did not leave until the 29th. I told my lawyer it really doesn’t matter what day just get it done.  Then we went into a room to try and settle marital property.  It didn’t go to well at first and he didn’t want to give in to much of anything.  I told him he could come get the tv and he argued about coming to my house so I said fine meat me at my work which is a bar.  We agreed on that.  Then the retirement-he worked for the company for 20 mths in which we were married only 19 of those 20 and he didn’t want to give me what I wasn’t entitled to so he kept the one month for himself and we divided the rest-can you believe this?  He is crazy about some of this.  He only wanted to pay me 1/3 of the bills we accrued and argued about the bank account that he wasn’t responsible for it.  He picked and chose what to fight over.  Then he wanted me to help pay his bills, which included his security deposits to electric company and stuff.  I think the lawyers thought he was crazy.  We finally go him to agree on something and went before the judge.  I did have to give up some things but I feel fine about it.  Then this evening he texts me and asks if I would like him to bring it to the apartment.  I said that would be nice.  He dumped it on the curb and wanted me to bring the big heavy tv down to him.  I told him I was home alone and couldn’t carry it-so he came up and got it.  I went and got my stuff and he just left without saying another word.  Crazy stuff.  He lied so many times today, I couldn’t believe it.  Well, at least this part of it is over and I won’t have to deal with him hopefully until Nov. or Dec.  Thank God for the help to deal with him-I didn’t lose my cool through all of this.