Could this possibly be his problem?

Symptoms of Paranoid Delusional Disorder (from WikiHow):

Expectation that they will be exploited

Unreasonably believes others are plotting against him/her
Self image
is easily slighted
Detachment- reluctant to confide in others

Preoccupied with unsupported doubts about friends or associates
Baseless fear that information may be used against him/her
Baseless fear of the sexual infidelity of a spouse or significant other
- groundless concern that other people have hidden motives

Reads negative meanings into innocuous remarks
- perceives attacks on his/her reputation that are not clear to others
Social isolation

Uncooperative inability to work together with others
makes accusations about otherwise minor events

Is triggered quickly to verbal counterattack based on such perceptions
Harbors "insults" (bears grudges)
Complications (possible):
Extreme social isolation
Potential for violence

  has unfounded suspicions
This has been something that has entered my mind (though not quite as formally as the above).  Kind of in line with his "slanted reality" I spoke of a few days ago.  With the exception of "Social Isolation" (he is somewhat isolated, but not because he thinks folks are "out to get him", but he just doesn't try to do social things or make friends), each one of these really are a "yes". 
I'm not saying this out of meanness (if I were, I'd just say he was being stupid or a jerk).  But I really wonder, because it's the only thing that makes sense.  Especially the "persecutory" type.  He's always on how the "government is trying to do this" or "Google is invading our privacy".  Anything that Rush Limbaugh says is gold, and not to be questioned (and I'm not anti-Rush).
He's even accused me (though in a kidding-sounding way) that I had a "boyfriend" in my old job (which was male-dominated).  He even kids around about me looking for a new man, etc.  (I never do that to him--why would I?  In spite of what I've seen on the computer.)
Now the question is:  how do I live?  Is it gonna be like a war zone?  Or what?