Coping With Departure Losses

Right now, I'm asking the Lord to give me words to speak.  How do I describe what is happening now?
Well, I just got over a huge feeling of being lonely.  To start off, our church has lost an excellent pastor last January because the Lord was calling him elsewhere.  He had been our pastor for almost 7 years now.  His position is going to be a tough one to fill.  Yesterday, we found out at church that our Worship Leader/Youth Leader has to move and won't be able to attend.  It was a surprise announcement and another huge position that will need to be filled.  So, our church is reeling with the losses and although it hasn't been in my personal life, there just seems to be losses happening everywhere I turn my head.
But that's only part of my issue.  It runs deeper.  A while ago, I mentioned via my other entries (long before these two losses at church) that I might also leave the state and am thinking of leaving this church too.  The Lord has been tugging at my heart and now I'm praying for a brief time that He will grant me the extension to perhaps toward the end of the year.  The reason for leaving?  Friends in Texas.  I'm thinking one of them goes to a serious-minded missionary sending church.  You see, that's my ultimate ministry.  That's where the Lord is leading me--South America.
If I leave soon, I'm going to abandon my current posts of usher/greeter and being on our local missionary committee.  My mind's now in turmoil and as another departure looms in April with our worship/youth leader, I'm praying the church can possibly take the blow of me leaving if the Lord lays upon my heart to depart in mid-year.
I put this on my journal because this has been on my mind.  If you read this, please pray for me and pray for direction in our church.  This is just part of the problem, besides other losses such as the Japanese disaster.  But I DO know one thing we learn in life is to cope with losses and move on.