went away for acouple of days with paul and told him everything that was going on felt goodalso went to the docs and told him i wasnt coping he gave me some tablets to take but not to sure yet bit scared about taking to many but cant cope on my own so will go back tomorrow and see if there is anythink else i can try feeling very angry and scared  aat the monent hopefully writting it all down will help  how i dont know but have given up even trying to wear my leg to tried now all i do is sleep and smoke like a chimmeny not even eating propely just so angry very angry angry maybe someone will do something to make me smile my boys are just about to give up on me  but am going to beat this feeling it might just take awhilejust have to get my /// into gear it helps writting feel abit beter getting it down on paper its to hard to talk out loud feel like a faluire if i compain to much like i havent got the write to complain and that this is my punishement for losing my leg and i have to deal with it



Lynne, dear you got to get youself together.. Find something to do .. I lost my wife last week and I also have a lot on my plate, This will not get me

You are not a failure, and not being punished for losing your leg.
Some bad things have happened to you, but they happen to a lot of us. Stop trying to blame your self for something that is not your fault,.
You are still a valuable person, and have a family that needs you.
I will eamil you in a while, maybe tonight.
Perhaps I should send you 10 or 15 long inspirational stories that probably are not ture anyway. I have been told quite a few over the years.
And I won\'t spell check them, so you may never figure out some of the words. lol
A few [ages of my bad typing and spelling should send you looking for something to do. lol
Don\'t turn your leg into a flower pot just yet. You are going to get through all this and want it yourself.
I will write later.


I hope you find something that helps you soon.Hang in there.

hey girl never give up, keep moving forward, never look back you have the rest of your life to look foward to. Maybe one of your boys will give you Grand kids. Then the fun start grand kids they are so much fun. It must be getting near spring time for you thats a good thing, for me I got winter to look foward to bummer.
My point is never look back that what gets you into trouble so smile and go outside and enjoy the small things in life that where you start to turn your life around. Well it work for me, maybe it will work for you start small and work your way up to the big things in life.

Why me? If it hadn\'t been you, then it may have been someone who couldn\'t it as well as you.

Life isn\'t abou waiting for the storm clouds to clear. It\'s about learning to dance in the rain