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"... meeting a at the house to make cookies next and i found an apple creation and borscht in a russian storybook - the guy has the coolest job, he photographs areas where he lives all over the world, for a few months each place, and then writes children's level literature about the photos, what the people living there do, how they live and then local recipes.  so smart and the books sell, they're educational.   loved it." 

this is an excerpt from an old journal.  it goes with a conversation i just had with stevek, who has decided to retire early.  he is 51.  wow!  hope he can do it.  he is buying a sailboat catamarand 44 x 24 because they don't sink, they can flip over but not sink, he claims - the one he likes is $300,000 (used, five years old) but he realistically wants one that needs work for around $100,000 (another mortgage).  he and his wife took sailing classes in the last ten years and are licensed and prepared for this - its planned.  she does web design and photography and he is going to repair some kind of motor on yachts that is normally sent out, so they can work while they sail.  he wants to sail with the weather world wide.  he claims the trick is not to dock/stay anywhere more than a month and that way you never run into bad weather.  you move with the earth as the earth moves.  very impressive.  way too much for someone like me, but i admire it.  i said you can always sail the intracoastal or the mississippi or the mediterranean, i know people who have done that.  he's like no, even the carribean is always 2 miles from land so too safe, he wants the real deal, where there is like 26 miles of just blue ocean.  wow.  not me, but wow.  
i said to him, there is a timeshare that you can buy that includes airfare and cruises you own it six months of the year and go anywhere worldwide.  its like buying a house as well, $75,000 financed and $10,000 per year in maintenance and taxes.  fairfield puts them out.  its a cool life for six months, though a younger person would do better at that kind of thing.  he says no.  for him that is too tame and he wants totally away from civilization/rat race, totally away from life amongst the rats and mice (but call themselves human).  he already gave his paid off house to his 32 year old son and has another house that his brother in law rents for free from him, but improves and maintains it for him.  you meet a lot of people doing this or trying to do this in florida.  one couple had been living on their boat for 15 years before she got cancer and they had to move back.  stevek says you can live plush at marinas for 1000 per month.  is that true?  hard to believe.  they charge by the foot.  so will look for the blog, its like transnavigational sailing or something. 

i'm on my way to the doctor.  very long day.  had to have blood drawn.  yuck.  went to the store.  met j for lunch - we ate too much its that new buffet place that has every kind of food, chinese and then boston market kind of stuff and then fruits and has large screen tv's and a lot of people go there on their breaks from work.  then to the museum FINALLY haven't been there in a while and it was really nice to go again.  also went on a nature walk, its boards, so its easy, but they have the real kind as well, its only a mile, but if you aren't used to it, its a lot.  i'm sleepy today.  i guess its from cholesterol or from the bronchitis.  can't tell. 

oh, and kv is back in the hospital again.  haven't had a chance to find out the rest of it.  



I so admire people who can sail and live on a boat.....but not for me. As much as I loved living on the water, I had a house to go to....on dry land.

Hope that you get a good result from your blood work. You have not been feeling well for too long. But it is good that you are getting out for a nature walk.

That buffet place sounds great! It\'s always nice to have a variety of food especially on a buffet. But it does tend to have us over do it. I always want a taste of everything!!

Wishing you well.

the nature walk was cool. it goes right into the woods and has markers of what the foliage is and all that. we went on a much longer one in california where the redwoods are. it was a lot of fun, but we almost got lost on that one because it was a much longer hike with more loops -- you have to really look at the maps they post. this one loops only twice so as long as you realize which markers you have already seen you should be okay.

yeah, i know, its been a bad year, ever since the car accident. my doctor put me back on statins. my blood work total went right back to what it was a year ago. 240. and some of the numbness on my nose and upper lip also came back a couple of times. time to do research. my doctor has the same thing and insists it will be a stroke and stay on statins no matter what. really need to take a greens and fish diet seriously and no sugar. its all the white food and meat of any sort that kills humans off. k thinks humans are actually a form of fish and not meant to eat meat, just like they discovered dinosaurs are actually birds. could be. i\'m getting dizzy spells as well and my blood pressure was 140 over 90 which i know is bad. but so far i\'m on the same bp pills. old age sucks.