This week I got to paint my room w/ mom's help.  It was much needed and looks beautiful.  It has been helpful to get me organized, as some space is opened up and hopefully I will deal with some clutter instead of piling it back in.
I got to go to a workshop for sponsorship for women and hear a panel of six women speak on having/being a sponsor today.  It was enlightening.  I called my own sponsor and she gave me an assignment to find my step 8 list and we'll go through it and find which amend to start/continue with.  I need separate what is my part and what isn't, a long ongoing process the clearer and clearer I get in my recovery.
I get to do a temp job next week which I enjoy, an ongoing on call position I am so grateful for.
I got to walk around the local car show and look at the vintage cars and listen to the oldies and I enjoyed it.
I got to share at the women's meeting today about managing feelings/ emotions which is a great topic.  I am so glad to be clearer on things and to have gotten out of the situation w/ T