Continuation of h and L -- h died of colon cancer

continuation of h and L on this one.
like h and L to the rescue kind of thing. they were like that. really appreciate it too.
we were working on the movie Go after 1995 when it became that again. I had moved to phili to attend upenn there, on this movie i figured the lawfirm stalkers are in south florida, tunick, who stalked since I was a toddler is in nyc, bda who was a stalker since before i ever knew her - she thought she should be stalking me because we were both court reporters and i was in the arts and she wanted to be in the arts but never got around to studying anything in the arts (what a weirdo), was in north jersey, so this movie might possibly be fairly smooth sailing before it completed and all the totally unknown maniacs start showing up, because that is how that goes.
of course that is ridiculous thinking -- stalkers come out of nowhere. it is totally weird and crazy dealing with people who stalk. the next stalker ended up being stuarth, stealing mail, faxes, phone messages, work offers, my actual work, on and on, it went on for over a year, and right after that was n's mother c. total sickos. both. of course you aren't their only victim, people like that are lifelong stalkers, what you DO is your actual religion, so for them, stalking is their religion. that is from the book, the road less travelled, and so true. whatever you LIVE is what your religion is. if you steal, then stealing is your religion. on and on with that.its stunning every time it happens. so who shows up at our townhome "off campus" but within campus police security (they have 24 hour campus police security at housing areas if the college campuses are located in very large cities.
h and L show up out of nowhere and are like, they want to rent upstairs to deflect stalkers. and i'm like are you sure you can handle it because it always gets nasty. and they smirk, because h is a rock photographer and L used to date a famous drummer, so has been there done that. they have already figured out stuarth and what he is doing, before i do and call him another bda (which is ironic because stuarth ends up getting briefly engaged to bda). they saw it coming before its coming. but neither h nor L go toschoolin phili. nutso days. great friends. that IS greatness.
craigd ends up telling on stuarth to h and L about all the shit that has gone down with stu since craigd moved there as ordinary off-campus housing five years before. way more evil than i knew about even ten years after all of this. from what i hear, craig got gutsy and testified against stu. yay craigd. doesn't change all the evil, but at least he did something. he mentions had stu not been stealing messages, we would all be living next door, which had been up for sale and vacant for rent, which is normally how i buy real estate, live in it first and all of those townhomes are large enough to house a lot of students. the girl from upenn who needed a place next door to us, craig, myself, and h and L could easily have all fit in the townhome next door if stu hadn't been harrassing. stu was also after the animals so having animals around him even as a neighbor wouldn't have been safe. h ends up contacting stu's mother who owns the townhome and tells stu that stu should actually be the one to move, since he is older than all of us and his mother doesn't want him living there anyway and h will take stu's bedroom. he actually SAYS this to him because h does that he just TALKS. stu points out that he really just sleeps on the couch all the time and wants to be the first floor look out and h gets high pitched and is like, but its YOU stealing all the messages and re-routing things that don't belong to you. so then it get ugly again because stu is basically bi-polar or something and just switches over at the drop of a hat, but everyone is prepared for him this time. it becomes you can't live here to stu and your mother doesn't want you here and you can't babysit either because we know all about what went down with stu's job writing at sesame street. i have no idea how h gets so much info so fast, but there it was and i'm thinking, you can't even be stress-free for even a "little" off the wall kind of movie because of all the wackos that show up if you are doing anything even minutely famous. so finally h is like, look you have to go, she is buying this house and you are leaving this house. lol. and he is saying, view it as pocket change, you can always sell it and had stu not gotten in the way, it would have just been a purchase of a cluster of houses in south phili, because it was an easier way to do all this and stu brought it upon himself by stealing messages etc.
and who follows right after them bda and her brother, but not to help in any way, solely to make trouble as always. its like a war out there.
stuarth didn't even know what the phonecalls or messages were for and he was already making trouble. when he found out what we were really doing, and of course he became that much more of a stalker and a pest once he knew. amazing that people are like that. i don't get it really. Go was strange enough as a movie that you would think stalkers wouldstay away. and bda being her caustic, discouraging self wanted me to know that the only reason i got that one is that they were having trouble getting the right actors to do it. hmmm. if its so easy to get, how come she never gets any at all (though you have to play to begin with to be part of any of it and she NEVER actually attempts to get into anything, she spends allll of her time trying to ruin all good things for anyone else who does get anything whether its in the arts, a good school or a new job, you can be guaranteed that bda will do everything she can to ruin it for you if she can find out about it. totally sick). #1 its much its pretty much always like that with all movies having trouble finding the right actors and #2 bda is always a downer with anything that matters so why is she surprised that most of the people she knows avoid her except for other people who are stalkers/sabateurs just like she is. if she took her medication she was "horrified" by what she was doing, but she also missed the mania she created if she was spiraling, so she would go off her medication on a regular basis, especially once she figured out that our legal system won't put people like that in jail no matter what she does - not incarcerating her made her more and more of a criminal, just like with all criminals. the more they get away with the more crime they commit.
Go wasn't something that anyone should think would be a hit. though it was. most of the art things in the 80's and the 90's hit and both decades we had to deal with every weirdo under the sun. you would think if you take a small enough role in it, then you will be safe and can go about life in a normal or close to normal way, its shocking that its not like that. what is it with stalkers? seriously. the alternative, is to sequester yourself somewhere, have no life at all and have body guards and then it gets sicker again, because with bodyguards you have a payroll to deal with. wth? in the arts its only calm when you have all that. if you are young, living guarded like that sucks. its distorted and strange and definitely not healthy. its probably never healthy.most bodyguards suck anyway. you have security there with a list of who cannot come in and then they let them in, kind of thing. are you blind and dumb? simple job. ask for id or even simpler NO ONE can come in. we have done those and the people still fuck it up. amazes me every time it happens. still happens today, but by now, you stare at them and its like, you really are a toal fuck up aren't you. when its a sherrif of any sort screwing stuff like that up when he has a gun and the whole bit you kind of give up allhope. you have a GUN and you can't get it right. makes you respect organized crime more and more all the time, though they have troubles as well. a place is only as good as the people working there.



the other thing that got me with h\'s death, besides not having his commentary on current events in the music industry to read through anymore, i was reading through the comments on his obit. one of the guys is saying he used to ride his bicycle as a kid, down the block of shops where h\'s store was and h always rememberd him and would remember odd stories that he\'d told him (how in the world did he do that and he COULD do that), he used to collect and jot down \"odd\" quotes from regular people, the same way i collect book quotes and keep them in journal hard covers -- but h would actually REMEMBER them to each person. wow! but i\'m thinking, i don\'t remember any of us as \"old\". but this guy who is probably around 30 now, road his BICYCLE down that street and to him h would have been this older guy who owns a shop - which is what he WAS an older guy who owned a shop. so hard to see it that way though. we are the older generation now. i remember i used to view huey lewis and the news as these older guys who finally had a hit. i think they were 32 when they hit. to me and most of the people my own age bracket back then, that was \"older\". lol.