Connecting with the Boy.

Monday my wife said unto me that I need to "connect" with my 15 year-old son a bit better. I had agreed. But he makes it tough tough tough. Those of you who have or have had teenagers before, I am sure that you will agree. I am the only man in his life. No grandfathers, etc., so it's up to me to be the model.
And frankly, those who know me well enough know for the most part I am going to have to fake it.

So I had some time alone w/the boy yesterday. We shot each other up on the XBox.
I gotta say, I let myself go for a bit, we got animated and it was a blast. We screamed and laughed in suprise at ambushes and stuff.
So why was this different than usual?
Hmmm...maybe because
- I didn't keep my composure. I let go a little. I didn't think about how I was going to be decimated and that gets frustrating.

After dinner we had some time to get back into it. After all, I had been awarded a weapons upgrade. Gotsta check it out!

Although we didn't get into idle chit-chat, I think it was a positive step forward. It's gonna take baby steps. Tons of them.

I haven't done a stitch of work all week. Well, that's a lie. the only thing I did was reply to an email telling the customer that they are screwed. I felt horrible. I get to have a teleconference with them this morning. That oughta be hair-raising. I got a few things to do, but I can't get myself to doing. Apparently I can write in my blog.

Gonna boogaloo now. have a great day.



That is really positive!! I know I\'ve never been a boy (at least in this life) but I think doing things together is the single most important thing. He\'ll talk if and when he wants to - forcing things isn\'t any good. Faking isn\'t any good either; kids spot that a mile off. You were authentic, you relaxed, you were you - that\'s all he wants.
Hard stuff telling the customer - hope the conference wasn\'t too awful.
Go well my friend x