Common Causes Of Heel Pain Paddington

Heel Pain Paddington is one of the most common issues of the foot which affects a lot of people every year. Once you take into consideration the stress that is put on the feet everyday by walking or simply standing, it is quite amazing how there are no more foot issues. The injuries to muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. of legs produce various painful conditions which might even plague the feet.


Why heel is most affected

The question is why is heel affected the most? Since the biggest part of the bone of the foot and part which absorbs greatest pressure, heel hits ground at an increased rate significantly during the high impact activities. The pain might happen in back, front, bottom, etc. of the heel.



  • Morning pain in the heel- even though staying off the feet would help in relieving the pain for the temporary basis it might promptly return once weight might be placed on the feet for first time during morning.

  • Swelling and tenderness- it could be the very first sign of something going wrong. A lot of people do not realise the injury in their foot till they feel swelling and tenderness in the heel

  • Local pain-indicating where pain is being felt would help in stating the issue

  • Tingling and numbness- it might indicate a heel spur or pinched nerve interfering with the functioning of the heel


What could cause the pain?

When the patients feel the Heel Pain Paddingtonit’s very important to collect all the information about the health problems and the lifestyle of the patient. There are certain risk factors which might contribute to pain in the foot like diabetes, obesity, standing on the feet for a long time, etc.

Aging is another important factor which develops heel pain. As you age, fat pad of the heel gets thinner and cannot absorb the stress caused due to walking and running. Additional shock might damage plantar fascia and might cause swelling or bruises. The other important factors include:

Exercise- the athletes might overdo it and add strain to heel of foot. Taking right precautions during workout, wearing assistive athletic shoes and warming up to rigorous workout could help in preventing all possible injuries.

Shoes- the fit of the shoes and support to the feet is also important. Ill fitted shoes may put a lot of pressure on the heel, add strainand might even cause misalignment to the foot

Common medical conditions which affect the feet and heel

  1. Plantar fasciitis-it’s considered to be one of the most common causes and occurs while the ligament which runs length of bottom of foot becomes inflamed because of tear. The pain is generally felt in front under the heel which indicates plantar fasciitis.

  2. Heel spur- they are pointed, the bony fragment which extends from heel and points forward towards the toes. When the heel spur tears through tissues and the nerves of feet pain could be quite excruciating.

  3. Achilles tendonitis- in the condition, tendon along with back of heel as well as ankle becomes inflamed causing heel pain in back of heel.

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